Ashley KusiWelcome to my website!I am Ashley Kusi, aka Mama Bear.

I am first and foremost a stay at home mom for my family which consists of: my husband Marcus Kusi, my two daughters Little Bear and Baby bear (I like to keep their privacy as best as I can).

What you can expect here on this website.

Blogging about breastfeeding, tandem nursing, extended breastfeeding, birth, VBAC, C sections, bed sharing, co sleeping, cloth diapering, healthy living, food, budgeting, baby wearing, attachment parenting, alternative living, empowering women and other important issues that are close to my heart as a mother and a woman.

My passions are my family, cooking-I love making anything I can from scratch with my little helpers and making it healthier by not compromising the taste!

My daughters and I are gluten free so a lot of the recipes I make are substituted so we can eat them 🙂 We eat organic and non-GMO foods. We buy local as often as we can, especially our meat so we know where it came from and that the animals were ethically treated.

I love writing, learning new things, and using my experiences to help others with their journey in life.

We practice gentle parenting in our home which means we follow our instincts and I will never advocate crying it out, controlled crying, spanking, or any form of violence to any human being, especially children. I am also an intactivist.

I love learning about different view points on many things and I always try to keep an open mind.

As a person I am always growing and changing, with a desire to share that knowledge, and that is where this blog comes in.

I look forward to the feedback and any questions or comments I receive.

I am the author of My Tandem Nursing Journey: Breastfeeding Through Pregnancy, Labor, Nursing Aversion and Beyond.

As well as co-authoring with my husband Communication in Marriage: How Communicate with Your Spouse Without Fighting.

In addition, I co-host a marriage podcast and blog as well at www.ourpeacefulfamily.com or www.firstyearmarriage.com.