Chocolate Shake Pops Creative Way to Get Your Kids to Eat More Leafy Greens

We all want to make sure our kids are getting enough nutrients that their growing bodies need. Leafy green veggies can be one of the most challenging ones to get them to enjoy.

Although my girls love their veggies, it can be hard to get them to eat enough leafy greens.

I found a fun and delicious way to not only get them to eat extra spinach, but also get them some healthy fats, magnesium, and other vitamins.

Chocolate Shake Pops!

Or, a shake if you don’t want to wait for the pops to freeze before enjoying the sweet chocolatey goodness.

Let’s talk about the ingredients.

It is important to use full-fat coconut milk, as healthy fats (Saturated) are good for growing bodies. Saturated fats help lower your “bad” cholesterol and improve your blood pressure.

Full fat coconut milk contains good fatty acids, manganese, magnesium, iron, and Potassium. Remember to get a coconut milk that does not have added gums as thickeners because they are hard to digest.

I buy Natural Value coconut milk from Thrive Market.

We all know spinach is good for us.

What many do not know is that raw spinach contains Niacin, Zinc, protein, fiber, vitamins A, C, E, K, B6, Thiamin, Iron, Calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, and manganese.

Bananas contain fiber and antioxidants, as well as benefits to digestion. Lots more vitamins, potassium and magnesium. They are naturally sweet, so we do not need to add any other sweetener to this chocolate shake.

Last, but definitely not least, chocolate!

Well, cacao to be specific. Cacao is unprocessed and retains more antioxidants, vitamin C, omega 6 fatty acids, phenethylamine (which is responsible for the love hormone!) amino acids and serotonin which is responsible for maintaining mood balance and regulating body processes.

I also buy my Cacao from Thrive Market.

Okay, enough about the wonderful, yet simple ingredients and more about the recipe. I hope it helps you make a fun sweet treat and they enjoy eating more leafy greens in this form!

Sneaky Chocolate Shake Pops Recipe

2-3 Frozen Bananas1/4- 1/3 cup Raw cacao (

1/4- 1/3 cup Raw cacao (It depends how chocolatey you want it)

3-4 handfuls of Baby Spinach

1 can full-fat coconut milk ( I get mine here)

Put all the ingredients in the food processorBlend in food processor well.

Blend in food processor well.

Pour and enjoy as a thick chocolaty shake or pour into popsicle molds and freeze for later.

Other additional options

Try toasting some shredded coconut and stir it in at the end.

Nuts if you can tolerate them.

Hemp seeds.

Spirulina powder.

Flax seeds.

Let me know what other unique additions you try and how it turns out!