Dr Bronners Coconut Oil ReviewWho doesn’t love coconut and it’s literally hundreds of uses? If you don’t know about coconut oil you must be living under a rock.

I use coconut oil every day in many ways for my family.

My absolute favorite brand is Dr. Bronner’sIt is fair trade, cold pressed, virgin, unrefined goodness.

I use it in our homemade toothpaste, cooking, in my tea (add it to your coffee!) oil pulling, on my skin, on my girl’s scrapes and cuts, in our smoothies…the list goes on. 

I really can’t say enough good things about coconut oil.

You can buy a jar of Dr Bronners coconut oil from Amazon.com to try for yourself.

Why I use Dr Bronners coconut oil

Dr. Bronner’s brand is my absolute favorite because I love the consistency, the smell, and the taste.

It taste like fresh coconut oil, not that imitation crap you find in coconut flavored things.

It is subtle and not over powering to your pallet. So even if you don’t really like the taste of coconut, you should be able to handle this.

I buy the biggest jar I can because we go through it so fast!

My Dr Bronner’s coconut oil review

There are so many benefits to coconut oil in general, but the quality matters most. Dr. Bronner’s is top of the line.

Quality matters when choosing the coconut that is right for you and you can not go wrong with Dr. Bronners.

This coconut oil is cold pressed and unrefined which means it is never heated so you get all the richness and health benefits associated with coconut oil.

When coconut oil is heated and processed you lose a lot of those healing attributes.

I found Dr. Bronner’s coconut oil to be a softer consistency at room temperature then the other brands I have tried, which is nice when I am trying to spread some like butter on my daughter’s bread.

Cons about Dr Bronner’s coconut oil

The only con I can think of when it comes to Dr. Bronner’s brand of coconut oil is the cost since we use so much of it. But fear not.

I found a solution to that problem. I buy it from Thrive Market for the cheapest and save at least 6$ a jar when buying through them.

I also reuse the nice glass jar after its empty. Since I buy the big jar, it is great for keeping my home made bone broth in or anything else!

I hope you found my Dr Bronners coconut oil review helpful. Click here to purchase Dr Bronners coconut oil from Amazon.com.

PS: In the future, I will be sharing more reviews about some of the amazing products l use so stay tuned.

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