My Tandem Nursing Journey: Breastfeeding Through Pregnancy, Labor, Nursing Aversion and Beyond

Are you looking for a tandem nursing book that is informative, and an easy read?

Well today, you can check out the Second Edition of My Tandem Nursing Journey: Breastfeeding Through Pregnancy, Labor, Nursing Aversion and Beyond.


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I wrote this book to help other nursing mama’s out there, like myself, who wanted simple and practical information in a short book.

This Tandem Nursing book is also for other mama’s out there who are looking for support to tandem nurse, as it can be very comforting to know there is a whole village to offer virtual support.

My tandem nursing book will help you:

1. Learn more about tandem nursing: the pros, cons, and more.

2. Decide whether to tandem nurse or not.

3. Learn from the tandem breastfeeding stories of other moms; myself included.

4. Give you tips on gently weaning if that is what is right for you and your nurslings.

Below is the table of contents:



Chapter 1: What Is Tandem Nursing?

Nursing While Pregnant

Ten Challenges You May Face While Breastfeeding and Pregnant

Benefits of Tandem Nursing

Chapter 2: The Dry Period

Safe Things You Can Take to Boost Your Supply During Pregnancy

Things That Are NOT Safe in Pregnancy to Increase Your Supply

Chapter 3: Nursing Aversion

Ten Things That Have Helped Me and Other Women When Dealing with Nursing Aversion

A Gentle Weaning Story

DMER (Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex)

Chapter 4: Nursing through Labor

Chapter 5: Tandem Feeding With A Newborn

17 Tips for Tandem Nursing

Things You May Not Know about Tandem Nursing

Chapter 6: Seven Month Check-In

Eighteen Months In

The Importance of Self-Care

Our Weaning Story

Chapter 7:  Other Mamas’ Stories

Tandem Nursing Through Aversion

To Wean or Not to Wean?

Nursing Is a Family Affair

The Bond That Is Created

Creating Boundaries

Pregnant and Nursing Through Challenges

Worries, Challenges, and Triumph

Final Thoughts


About the Author

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Whether you decide to tandem nurse or not, l believe you should have the correct information when it comes to choosing what is best for you and your family.

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Thank you for checking out my book!